I wrote a blog post yesterday about how I have been fighting with food yet I was hesitant to post it. I told myself I would revisit it today and I woke up this morning knowing exactly why it did not make the cut. It simply wasn't true. I wrote about the things that always seem to be challenging me in my efforts to eat clean. More specifically, not having enough time to shop, cook and meal prep. The only reason I don't have time to do those things (and it's probably the same for you too if you're honest enough with yourself) is because I've gotten LAZY. 

This is disappointing. Lazy. Ugh. Such a gross word and not one I ever want to use to describe myself. I spent the last four weeks on a structured meal plan and as much I loved the convenience of it, it is 100% to blame. I stopped having to do things for myself. Now that the meal plan is done I'm sitting here with no motivation to do it on my own anymore.

I have left my original post from yesterday below for you to read. Looking back on it I blame a  lot of other factors other than myself, which is wrong. You are the only reason you aren't doing something. You are the only reason you don't know something. If you're not happy about it fix it. If you are uneducated on a topic go an learn about it. Stop sitting there wishing you were fit, wishing you had better eating habits. Get off your ass and make it happen.  I decided to take back control of my food and do it all myself because I can MAKE THE TIME to shop, cook, and meal prep just like I MAKE THE TIME to workout. I have booked a session with my good friend and holistic nutritionist Alex Baird to learn more about food and proper portions and educate myself on what I'm putting in my body. Its time to win my fight with food.


Yesterday's Post:

"I am in a constant uphill battle with food. I feel like I have been in a fight for over 28 years and it never seems to end. I am being controlled manipulated and deceived, teased tormented and taunted, day in and day out. There is ALWAYS something challenging me in my efforts to eat clean. You either need the time to shop, cook and meal prep, or need a bank roll big enough to pay for a service to deliver prepared meals to you that are nutritionally sound and contain enough food. Food can get boring and finding ways to mix it up can be a challenge. Let's not forget the temptation and deception. So many delicious things are cut from the menu and the items you think fit the bill are actually loaded with calories and fat that tip the scale.

Over the last four weeks I thought I had found my magical meal plan. It was affordable, fit my schedule, and the food appeared to be balanced and packed with nutrition. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. As the weeks progressed I found myself to be extremely lethargic and in a constant low mentally and physically. I was still following my workout plan but instead of everything getting better it was getting harder, and not in the way it was supposed to. I was losing focus, losing strength and power, and every limb felt heavy. I was racking my brain as to why this was happening and I am confident the culprit was food. 

I recently had blood work done during my annual health assessment and I found out my iron and potassium levels were way off pointing to poor nutrition.... I'm sorry, poor nutrition. I have been eating what I thought was balanced and healthy. Eating what I thought were whole foods. Eating what I thought was enough. LIES. This made me question a lot of different things and made me realize how much I don't know about food. What is a proper potion? How many calories are actually in what I am eating? Should I be eating more? Do any meal plans even work?!?!?!?!?!  

So here I am frustrated and pretty pissed off. I feel manipulated and uneducated. We are constantly given mixed information and left not knowing which way is up. I'm going to give meal delivery one more try (obviously with a different company) and see how I feel. If that doesn't work I am putting my chef hat on and going back to doing it all myself. It's time to win my fight with food."