When 2017 started I knew I had to adjust my workout schedule. I am not a morning person and I would therefore be leaving my workouts to an after work time slot. The problem I found with this is that there were so many excuses I would tell myself allowing me to skip the gym. Either I was tired after a long day, I had dinner plans and no longer had time,  I worked late or had an appointment or meeting that cuts into my plan for a workout. Not to mention the gyms are packed making it even less appealing to get up and go. 

My solution for this was to change my view on the gym. Instead of making it the thing I would cancel, move around or skip, I made it the thing I revolved the rest of my day around. If someone wants to have a lunch meeting, unfortunately I'm booked. I now do a lunch hour workout everyday no questions asked. It is the hour/ hour and a half I dedicate to myself every day. How do I get to and from the gym, workout, eat lunch and get back at my desk without looking like a sloppy mess. Well let me tell you...

Come With a Plan

Walking into an open gym space without a goal in mind for your workout is like walking into the supermarket without a shopping list. For the latter, chances are, you’ll spend far too much time walking up and down the aisles browsing food you don’t really want rather than efficiently shopping for the items you need.

Before heading to the gym, write up a short workout plan for yourself or follow a guided e-book. Review it before you get there and know what equipment you need to get the job done. 


If you do conventional weightlifting superset your exercises. What is a superset? The back-to-back performance of two separate exercises without resting in between. The key to performing a successful and safe superset is choosing two exercises that work opposing muscle groups; think push and pull. For example, if you were planning an upper-body workout, you could superset a row exercise with a press exercise. Try this quick upper-body superset during your next gym session:

1- Dumbbell bench press/Lat pull-down
2- Standing dumbbell shoulder press/Seated cable row
3- Push-up/Pull-up

I am currently doing a plyometric body weight circuit that takes max 40 min depending on rest and warmup (sometimes closer to 30 min). This style of workout gives your cardio kick as well as strength training and muscle building. 

Wear Headphones & Have Your Playlist Ready

You might have all the right intentions at the gym, but there will always be other gym goers who forget that gym-time is not happy hour. Politely put up your do not disturb sign, and stay focused on your workout by popping in your earbuds and jamming out to your favourite tunes.

Have a set playlist ready to go so you don't spend time scrolling through your phone to pick the right song. 

Bring a Water Bottle

This one might sound silly, but those walks back and forth between the water fountain and your workout station tack on unnecessary seconds. Worse, you might return to your bench or machine and find that another gym-goer has taken up residence! Bring your own bottle of water and take a quick sip between sets while resting at your station. 

Skip The Shower

Unless you find yourself drenched in sweat head to toe, chances are you can get away with skipping the shower the shower line and just changing your clothes and heading back to the office. Just make sure to practice proper hygiene and use a post workout wipe, deodorant and maybe a sprits of perfume. Thankfully your hair up in a sleek bun is great look for the office as well :) 

Plan your meals

Having something ready for lunch that you can eat back at your desk leaves a little extra room for more time at the gym. To your coworkers, you are back in the office and ready to work even though you may still be enjoying a little extended lunch hour eating your meal in peace.