Autumn is finally starting to take shape. The leafs are falling, the air is crisp and thanksgiving has come and gone. The changing scenery is a gentle reminder of the beauty in letting go. Letting go of the day dreams the summer months can create, and the sometimes-reckless way of life it can lead to. Letting go of those who shadow your vision and take you in a direction you know you do not want to travel. Letting go of the fears in your head that hold you back from your true potential and peak performance.

Letting go can be a hard truth and an even more challenging reality, but it is essential for you to do it to free yourself from the things that weigh you down. I write this as I try to find the strength and the willpower I need to let go. I need to let go of my fear of heavy weight. I crumbled in the gym yesterday when I should have held strong. I crippled myself emotionally by succumbing to the fear and it shattered me physically. I walked out of there feeling defeated and it fucking sucked. It’s a reminder to get out of your own way and get out of your own head.  

Looking back when I was a little kid, I was driven and fearless. I was running when I should have been walking, climbing to the highest tree without a worry of falling, giving the boys a run for their money when it came to sports and athletics, and I never once thought about being afraid. I hate that as we get older we fall victim to fear. We’re less likely to try new things and walk into any situation confident, strong, and willing to jump.

This is my reminder to bring my fearless self back into this adult world. Life doesn’t come to those who wait. They go after it. They take it. It’s time to take back the fear and see how far I can really fly. I hope you do the same.