Tulum. Where do I even begin. This was the first personal trip I have taken since March of this year and it didn’t come a moment too soon. It was a much-needed break from everything both good and bad that has been happening around me. Escaping reality (even the good parts) is a treat not all of us get to experience as often as we would like. For myself, it allows me to truly appreciate what I have and who we have to come home to, as well as what I work so hard for both personally and professionally.

I have broken this post into two parts: First, The Beach, and all the amazing places we visited in Tulum. Second, The Body, and how I have finally reached the tipping point I have been working so hard for.


The Beach:

Tulum is a magical place. The rustic elegance and calming design is intoxicating to say the least. White sand beaches lined with boutique hotels that embody true craftsmanship with on trend design made it one of the most picture worthy places I have ever been to. Everywhere we went we were greeted with polite well serviced staff and even better cuisine. Even though there was more alcohol consumption than I would have liked (as it was my sisters’ bachelorette after all), it was easy to make healthy choices when it came to food as everything was so fresh and well prepared.


A few of our favourites:

Nomad – It’s safe to say we enjoyed ourselves here the most. With an incredible lunch seated on the ground, daily afternoon beach drinking sessions in a private beach cabana and one (probably too aggressive) pre-dinner cocktail session at the bar, this place was our second home.

Be – The most exclusive and private paradise we found in Tulum. We managed to get ourselves in here for drinks before dinner and it is definitely on the list to return to. Rooms with private pools, design that was truly inspirational, and a beautiful rooftop bar and beach front view.

CoCo – This place definitely swung its way into our hearts. We popped in here by chance for some pizza on day three and it was stunning. A very creative beautiful oasis to say the least.


The Body:

This was the first time I have experienced a destination getaway with a different mindset and a new self-confidence. Feeling comfortable in my own skin hasn’t always been the case, especially in a bikini. If you know me personally, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that, but it’s the truth. I used to edit my body in every bikini photo I would post because I was never truly happy with it and the way I looked. I did not live a lifestyle that took care of my body and that reflected internally and externally alike.

For the first time, I can happily say that this is no longer the case. On this trip I felt confident, proud and empowered in my own skin, and it was fucking amazing. I have been working my ass off and everything is finally starting to take shape. This has given me more drive and motivation to keep going and that was proven today in the gym. I had my best day yet since I started 6 weeks ago and it’s because I finally trust the process and fully believe in my trainer and all the movements he makes me do.  

It is very difficult to describe how truly incredible the feelings of real self-confidence and self-love are and what it does to you mentally, and I truly hope that each one of you reading this have or will experience it at some point in your life. As women, we have to stop comparing ourselves to one another and looking at each other and saying things like “ugh I hate you, you have such a nice body”. Even though the "hate" isn’t real comments, like that are still the wrong way to go about it. You don’t know how much work and sacrifice goes into fitness or how anyone feels about their physical appearance. We should reward each other for our accomplishments and amazing shape and not make someone feel guilty (even if its unintentional) for the work they have put in. Learning to love the one person you will be with your entire life (aka yourself) isn’t always easy but god damn is it worth it.