For the past two years, I have been creating and growing not only a business, but myself. Without knowing what I was doing or where I was planning on going with it, I took a leap and jumped into a world that was completely foreign to me (the mobile app world). I wish I could say I was the type of person who sits there and builds out a fully detailed plan, weighs my options, and then decides to follow through with it or not. But, I am not. I am the type of person who jumps and learns how to fly while falling. And that’s exactly what I did with WHISTLE.

I can feel the ground getting closer and closer every day as I juggle multiple things trying to figure out what will help keep me flying just a little bit longer. Failure is not an option but it’s a very terrifying reality (especially with your first venture). I have held on to the safety net of my 9-5 while building my start up for the past two years. This has been a great asset for me, but also a crippling cocoon that I have truly never emerged from.

Roughly one month ago I took another leap. I put my resignation in at my cushy desk job to rip that safety net away and truly go for it. Que the nervous sweats. For those of you who don’t know, I have been working as a Financial Account Manager for Shark Tanks’ venture capital villain, Kevin O’Leary, for the past six and half years. Even though this job has been great, I have wanted to quit for the past year and a half, maybe even two years now. So why haven’t I left? I haven’t stayed because I love the work or the people, but because of the view it gave me from others (including my family and close friends). It’s always the first thing people say about me when they introduce me, “She works for Kevin O’Leary”, and people loved it. Sadly, that mattered more to me than how I actually felt about my own job. But not anymore.

At the end of the day it all comes down to value, and I have never felt that I was getting any true value out of my work with O’Leary. Obviously, monetary compensation is value to a degree, but I’m talking about the internal and emotional value for what I was doing. It just wasn’t there. I’ve never truly been challenged and I have experienced little growth from this role because of that. So, there I was, submitting my resignation, with a few sources of income lined up, but nothing close to what I was currently making, all so I can focus (and bank) on version two of WHISTLE and make this business fucking fly.

I was expecting to walk away from this life I’ve known for majority of my twenties and never look back. Then my phone rings. It’s Kevin O’Leary. And the offer of a lifetime. Now, without going into too many confidential details, all I’m going to say is that I am no longer flying alone in this entrepreneurial process. Que the excited, even more nervous, sweats.

So here I am, juggling a self-employed schedule for the first time in life (still working for Kevin part time, on my terms, until they find a replacement), free to do what I want, when I want, and learning, on the fly of course, what it takes to be a real entrepreneur.

I am excited to open this next chapter of My Sweat Story, and of course, share it all with you! I hope this post inspires you to take the leap and find true value in what you’re doing. Don’t waste another day sitting there wishing you were somewhere or someone else. Go be that person.