To my Sister on Her Wedding Day:

Holy shit you’re getting married.

Tomorrow is the big day that we have dreamed about since we were as little as I can remember. We always knew this day would be something special, but I have to say, you've made it even more than we could have imagined. I cannot wait to see you walk down the isle in your beautiful dress taking your first steps down a path towards a new chapter. 

I have watched you my entire life. Looked up to you, followed you, and copied you with basically anything and everything. It’s kind of funny how nothing has changed throughout the years gone by.

Even though I feel like I have already welcomed Erik into our lives (yes Erik, I say our lives because she was and will always be mine first), tomorrow makes it official. So, before he takes you from me, and changes your last name, I am taking one last moment to make it all about us. The Davidson Sisters.

We’ve been best friends before I even knew what a best friend was, and have had some battles that only sisters can come back from. We have grown up side by side with one always catching the other when we fall, and catapulting one other during times of success. We have learned from each other’s mistakes and carried life lessons passed between us along the way. A friendship may know all of your best stories, but a sister is the one who lived them with you. And damn is that ever the truth.

We are not perfect, and we never try to be. We would rather eat pizza and drink wine in our sweat pants than get all dulled up and dine out at a fancy restaurant. We laugh too hard, but never too often, and usually make a fool of ourselves (okay mostly me) in the process. We have defended one another, helped each other get away with things in our rebellious teen years, and confided in one another without giving it a second thought.

We are sisters.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new chapter. Not just for you and Erik, but for us too. Unchartered waters that neither of us truly know anything about. You will officially be writing a new story and creating a new family. A family of your own.

For some siblings, that may feel a little like two people parting ways. But I know that isn’t the case for us. I will no longer be just a sister anymore, but a sister in law, and one day (hopefully soon), an aunt.   

Our bond is stronger than most and stronger than ever before, and I will stand beside you tomorrow like I have our entire lives and continue to do so no matter where life takes us. 

On this day, I toast to us and the bond that can never be broken and to the new life you are about to lead with the man of your dreams. 

Love your best friend and sister for life,