Welcome Soul Cycle King St.!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a preview class of the first ever Soul Cycle studio in Canada. I was extremely excited to see this popular Instagram phenomenon in real life, and even more interested to see if it was worth all the hype. 

For those of you who don't know, Soul Cycle is a New York spin studio that changed the way we ride. Forget the timed ride and RPM's of a typical spin class. Soul Cycle is about connecting with the music and riding to the beat. They incorporate upper body movements and push you to experience your own journey while riding in an almost pitch black, candle lit room. 

If you have never been to any studio like this, Soul Cycle will probably seem like the coolest fitness experience you've had in a while. For me, it was amazing, but fell short of my favourite local studio Spokehaus. This could be because Spokehaus took my new era spin class virginity, or simply because it is just a better ride and a better overall experience.  Once you look past the shiny new fixtures and bright neon sign of Soul Cycle and actually compare what you get out of it, you will notice the slight edge that Spokehaus offers. For me, it's the instructors and post workout eucalyptus towels. You also can't go wrong with a better price point and free shoe rental. 

Soul Cycle vs. Spokehaus

  • Price: $28 plus $2 shoe rental VS $25 plus FREE shoes
  • Location: King Street VS City Place
  • Lockers: Free VS Free
  • Athlesisure: Only Soul Cycle Clothing VS Mix of Brands & Spokehaus Clothing
  • Towels: Free VS Free + Cold Eucalyptus Towel After The Ride

It all comes down to personal preference as these studios are very similar and both offer an amazing experience. You'll have to try both studios and see for yourself and I honestly hope you do! I highly recommend both places for a unique full body workout and would love to hear your thoughts on the trend setting Soul Cycle's debut in Toronto!