Here is a recent ab circuit to get your core on fire! 


Ab Roller x 10

Keep your pelvis tucked in and your core tight. Don't compromise form for distance. If you can only roll out a few feet that's okay! 

Hip Dop Plank x 20

Move your hips from side to side without touching the floor. Again, keep your pelvis tucked under and your core tight. 

Leg Lift with Hip Raise x 15

Place your hands under your bum for support. Raise your legs to a 90 degree angle and use your core to push your hips off the ground. Try and keep the legs going as straight up as possible and holding that 90 degree angle when you raise. Lower your legs back down without touching the floor. Repeat.

Russian Twist x 40

Place your knees in a bent position and lift your back off the floor. Raise your feet off the ground and hold your core tight. Move your shoulders and upper body from side to side while keeping your head striaght and looking forward.