I'm quickly learning that food, and what I eat, is climbing to that number one spot when it comes to importance in health and fitness. I originally thought that making it to the gym and getting that workout in was the most important (and hardest) part of self improvement. Boy was I wrong. Working out is actually the fun and easy part! Sticking to that clean, healthy diet, now that's the real challenge.

Food and nutrition is the base of the fitness pyramid. Without it, you have no foundation to build on. Depending where you're at in your fitness journey, you may still see dramatic results without a super strict diet. But that my friend will change. So, what can we do to overcome this challenge and make it an effortless priority?

1. Plan Ahead

If you don't prepare, you only prepare to fail. This is probably the biggest lesson I've learnt on my journey. The times I don't have lunch or dinner prepped and planned are the times I stumble and order something I shouldn't. This immediately sets you back. Say bye bye to those abs ladies and gentlemen. 

2. Snacking

Who doesn't love snacks. They can be a delightful treat that also play a super important role when you're on the go and sticking to a demanding fitness schedule. This is an area I want to improve on and start making my own snacks, but until then, I usually turn to one of my two on the go delights: Lilo Superfood Acai Bowl or Genuine Health Protein Bars.  Both delicious, convenient and good for you! Having a snack can help get you through the day, stay focused, and stay on track.

3. Read Your Labels

Don't be fooled by something you think is healthy because you didn't take the time to read the nutritional label AND the ingredients. My rules:

  1. Added sugar, put it down
  2. Words you can't pronounce, put it down
  3. If it's changed from its original state, put it down - ie. a french fry is no longer a potato.


With anything, you get out what you put in, and this couldn't be more true with food and your body. The better your body feels on the inside, the better you will perform on the outside. Learn to love healthy food, just like you learn to love things like cardio, and try these steps to help you stay on track!