Three years ago, you wouldn’t catch me in a gym or group workout. Not because I was lazy, because I was afraid. I lacked confidence in fitness, and even more so, confidence in myself. Walking into a Goodlife or even my empty condo gym was one of the most terrifying thoughts I could think of. No way in hell was I going to be that out of shape girl walking around like a lost puppy with a sea of sweaty men staring you down. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest reasons why people fail before they even start. Confidence is key and it is the topic of my second blog in this four-part series. (Part 1 – My Morning Life Hacks).

To be confident, you must have trust in yourself. This simple feeling of trust from you to you is the one thing that you can hold on to and count on to carry you through your everyday. The same is true for confidence in fitness. You have to educate yourself, practice, and learn by doing in order to trust yourself in the gym or in a group workout. But how and where do you even start? Thankfully, I have done the leg work (literally) and have figured out a few tips and tricks that can help get you the confidence you need.

Purchase A Workout Guide

Purchasing a workout guide or e-book gives you a plan and is your first step in educating yourself on fitness. Most e-books have intro pages that are full of very helpful information. Not only are you getting a solid structured workout, you are getting the first bit of fitness education to build from. Past me would always skip the reading and go right to the workout. My advice, don’t. I consider those first few pages to be the most useful.


For those of you who are like the old me and refuse to hit a big box gym, check out Kayla Itsines BBG program By purchasing a few simple pieces of equipment (you can get everything you need at Winners, Marshals, or Walmart) you can get through her workouts in the comfort of your own home and begin to build up your confidence in fitness. Her moves are simple and effective.

If you’re looking for something more, try the Fit Affinity E-books. You will need a full gym as it is a weightlifting e-book. It can set you up for 24 weeks and definitely works. It is what I currently use when I hit the gym and it is only $5 to purchase. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Google

I still have to google some movements to see the proper mechanics and form. It’s okay to not know what a hammer curl or rear delt raise is. There are so many great how to videos that are one minute or less and can show what you should be doing.

Try an All Women Workout, and have fun with it

I used a women’s only group fitness studio called Elle Fitness to help me shake my fear of working out. By going to a group class full of only women it allowed me to become more confident in myself and my workouts. If this is a route you choose, I suggest introducing yourself to the instructor and getting as comfortable as you can with the class. Have fun during your workout and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It will help tenfold once you see how supportive your fitness community actually is and how great a group class can be. You can also try other fitness studios that are mostly all female attendees. Spin class, HIIT classes, Barre and bootcamps are generally all female.

Hit the Gym with a Friend

The only way I would walk into a Goodlife was if I was with a friend (usually a male friend) who could show me the ropes. This was a huge help in getting me over my fear. It makes it so much easier when you go with someone who knows their way around. Best part of all, by going with a male the other men in the gym leave you alone and stare less. It’s a win win. 

Practice the Art of No Fucks Given

My biggest piece of advice is you do you. Who cares what you look like while you’re working out or running, at least you’re doing it! Give zero fucks about other people and what they think and know that you are doing what’s right for you the way you like it. I know I look like an idiot doing have the moves I do in the gym and it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day I am building the body I want and their opinions don’t matter.


The fitness community here in Toronto will welcome you with open arms if you give it a chance and put yourself out there. One fitness class can change your life and I am living proof. I now workout in a very male dominated fitness class, with heavy weights, doing movements I would have never dared to try before. I have made some amazing new friendships and cannot wait to see what happens next. My confidence is sky high in and out of the gym and I am learning more than ever before. The best part about all of this is that you can too.