I have always felt that mental health and physical fitness go hand in hand. I have found running to be a great mental release, just as much as it is physically energizing. I wouldn't consider myself someone who struggles with mental illness, but as life continues to move forward, and new business opportunities present themselves, the workload piles up and that work life balance can start to feel a little off. Juggling new friendships and relationships with the old ones, finding the time to visit a loved one or take care of myself and my family can all take a back seat when business is on the line. The scary part is knowing that this is just the beginning. 

I had my first ever therapy session today thanks to the people at TranQool. TranQool is video therapy from the comfort of your own home. The process is pretty simple. You register an account, answer a few questions, and select from a list of suggested therapists (based on your answers). You can select any therapist that wasn't recommended to you, but I found their selection process to showcase some great options.  Once you are set with a therapist, you book a time through their online calendar and your appointment is set. There is no waitlist and you can see someone within 24 hours. On the day of your session, you simply log in to TranQool and the video session will prompt you to begin once the therapist has logged on. They are covered by insurance, offer their services at a great price point if you're not insured, and truly make things effortless for us first timers. 

As someone who has never been to a therapist or felt the need for one, I am quite surprised with how much I enjoyed the session. You don't realize how many things you push aside or bottle up because you don't have time to deal with it or don't fully understand and analyze your emotions. I have recently had some very stressful events take place in my life and this session came at the perfect time. I may even take things one step further and make this a regular thing. If I've learnt anything the past few months, its that having an open mind and putting yourself out there can take you to places you didn't know existed. Maybe opening myself up to therapy will add to those experiences. Success comes with a lot of sacrifice, but sometimes you need to take a step back and put your inner self first. 

If you are interested in trying TranQool, you can use this one time code, TQ_MSS,  for 25% off your first session!