Last week I was treated to the convenience of meal delivery from Honey Bee Meals. The concept of meal delivery is great. Balanced, calorie counted meals, delivered to your door twice a week. You don't have to worry about deciding what to eat, grocery shopping, or cooking your lunch or dinner. Dream come true if you ask me.

The food I received from Honey Bee Meals was great. It was flavourful and didn't feel repetitive, which can be a challenge for me when I cook my own meals - I stick to what I know and repeat time and time again. So needless to say the past week had been a real treat! Each meal was between 400-500 calories and contained 35g of protein, 40g of carbs, and 10-17g of fat. It fit in perfectly with my schedule for the week as I was constantly on the go. I didn't feel hungry or underfed (and I eat a lotttttt). All in all a great week!

Based on my experience, here are few things to consider when choosing a meal delivery service. 

  1. Where the Meat/Protein Comes From- Finding a company that can provide you with organic, antibiotic free meats is a must in my opinion. I have heard there are some brands that shop at Costco and I can only imagine what large scale farming and animal production facilities their meat must come from. 
  2. Option for Low Carb or Veggie Meals - with any meal delivery service that I've had, I always find myself wishing I had more veggies. Having the option for the low/no carb meal would mean your carbs are replaced with veggies. If you really want rice or carbs with your meal thats something you can easily make a batch of and add throughout the week. 
  3. Option to Place Your Meals on Hold - I always end up with a few meals that I didn't end up eating. This sucks but its reality. Life happens and sometimes you end up going out for dinner or straying form your routine and thus leaving a meal behind. If you know you have a busy week coming up that is full of events/lunch meetings or dinners, it's a great idea to place your delivery on hold have it come the next week. 

If meal delivery is something you are interested in, there is definitely a delivery services out there for you. Try a few for one week each before you settle in for the long haul and ask any questions you may have about the food before you place your order. If you are interested in trying Honey Bee Meals you can use the code "MYSWEATSTORY" for free delivery!