I was on CHCH Morning Live today talking about my side hustle WHISTLE App - WHISTLE is a social fitness app that connects people looking for a workout partner. This is my second appearance on live tv. (The first was just before I launched My Sweat Story and we should all be grateful for that because the tv debut was rocky at best). I must say it went way better than the first time around and I couldn't be happier!

Theres nothing quite like that initial rush of the cameras turning on you and knowing you are L.I.V.E. A million don'ts go running through your head: don't fuck up, don't stumble your words, don't say um, don't talk to fast, keep your body language to the camera but don't look at it, don't talk with your hands, don't start shaking, don't start sweating, don't make up words, don't lose your train of thought.... GAHHH. Don't forget about the standard mental insecurities: does my hair look okay? Am I sitting in a flattering position? Why can't the camera be on my good side? JESUS H MURPHY. 

All in all I am chalking today up as big W and keeping my fingers crossed for the next big tv debut!