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Do you ever feel like your constantly playing catchup? As I sit here and write this post I look around my house at the pile of shoes that need to be put away, the random clothes pulled from a gym bag laying on the floor, and the scattered mess of stuff just everywhere. I don't even want to get started on the kitchen. It's like a bomb went off and I don't even know how or when it happened. Life. Ugh. 

It's so funny how life can get away from us while we're busy living it. We prioritize our days to fit in the must do's, and if we're lucky, the few moments of self love or fun that we never really feel we get enough of. And for most of us, we do it all on an empty stomach or unhealthy on-the-go diet. I know for myself, I try my best to prepare my weeks, especially my meals, but usually fall short and opt for something convenient day of. Not only does this cost you more, but it usually isn't the healthiest choice.

Fresh cut strawberries, sliced mango, crumbled feta, sunflower seeds, and sliced chicken on top of a bed of crisp lettuce. A salad I could only dream of having the time to make in the morning. Thanks to Wendy's, this dream is now a reality. Their latest summer salad addition is hitting all the right notes for me in terms of convenience and health. Their new Strawberry Mango Chicken Salad comes in a half or full portion that ranges from 260 to 450 calorie, and has 19g/35g of protein. Best part, it's available for less than $10. 

Now I know what some of you must be thinking. Wendy's...really? I hear you. Is this the absolute healthiest option you could chose to eat? Maybe not. Do I expect you to get in your car and immediately drive to the closest Wendy's drive through and order it? No. The point of this blog is to show you that your options, even at a classically defined fast food restaurant, aren't limited. We can't all be perfect all the time, and it is a great step forward seeing places like Wendy's introduce fresh, forward thinking meals to their menus.