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We all need to take a moment, step back, and put ourselves first. Whether you're a working professional, mom or dad, or simply busy taking care of everyone and everything other than yourself, we are all in need of self-care. For me, I find I always say I'm going to take some time and go get a manicure, but I never do. Or I say I'm going to go to the market and do this and that, but I never do. Are either of those things even a form of self-care? 

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about her new project, Prescription Self - Care. She asked me to contribute a quote on my favourtie method of self-care. This got me thinking. When do I actually feel relaxed? When do I actually put my phone and emails down? When do I actually stop thinking about work and sleep like a baby. When do I actually not worry about cooking, cleaning, laundry and the other items that make up the never ending to do list.... Then it dawned on me. All of those things disappear when I go home. Home. It seems like such a simple thought but it is actually the place of complete comfort and total relaxation. There isn't a worry in the world for me when I'm at home and it is hands down my prescription for self-care. 

They say home is where the heart is, and now I finally understand the true meaning behind that statement. I am so grateful for growing up in such a warm, loving and supportive environment. My mother is an actual saint and I don't even want to think about how different my life would be without her or all that she does. I know everyone will have a different method for self care, but if you haven't tried going home, go. Your future self will thank you.