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Firstly I must apologize for such a delay between blog posts. Between summer finally arriving and the launch of WHISTLE in Vancouver I have been quite busy and I am sorry for neglecting everyone here! 

Throughout my entire life I have always questioned and even laughed, both on the inside and out loud, at people who would say they are vegan or even vegetarian. I would hear their reasons about animal cruelty yet notice their stylish leather purse or fur lined jacket and never take them that seriously (still kind of don't to be honest). Occasionally I'd hear other reasons like they don't believe in eating anything with a face. Okay sure you love animals, but the skeptic in me would always think is one person not eating meat really going to make any difference in how the world treats animals? Probably not...

Last night I watched the documentary on Netflix called "What The Health". I was literally left speechless at the end as I found there to be so many shocking statements about animal proteins (including diary and eggs) and how terrible they are for you. It's hard to know what's true and what's not these days, but bottom line, it all comes down to money. Foundations and associations like the American Diabetes Association and American Cancer Society are all funded by the companies (whether its meat processing/distribution, dairy farmers association, or fast food chains) that farm, process, and provide the foods that make us sick and lead to diabetes and cancers. No one from a rep on the phone to even the President of the organization would comment as to why these associations are promoting consumers eating foods that have scientific studies that prove they cause cancers and other illness alike.  Mind. Blown. 

My father has heart disease - atherosclerosis to be exact. Atherosclerosis was a word I heard one too many times during that film and really made this whole fucked up system hit home. Watching my Dad be told this and that and then that and this and moved from medication to medication when the underlying cause for his disease could actually be because he consumes animal proteins... WTF. (And to be clear, my Dad is not overweight and does not eat poorly. He eats what we all consider to be healthy and lean.) Their solution, eat a plant based diet. The video goes into details about why and how we were meant to be herbivorous and it was eye opening to say the least. 

So here it is. My apology to anyone and everyone who is vegan. From what I saw, you were right and you have been right all along. I am sorry for any negativity and judgement that I have passed your way in the past and I am seriously examining my eating habits and choices going forward.   

Please leave any comments that you may have on this issue and on being vegan. I genuinely want to learn more and am seriously considering the switch.