Today I officially welcome in a new decade. It is time to say goodbye to my 20’s and hello to a new stretch of 30 something birthdays. I am not the type of person who feels that you need to turn a new number to start a new chapter, but there is something exciting and almost refreshing about graduating from the life of a 20 something year old, to a women in her 30’s.

This past year has been more or less revolutionary in the sense that I feel as though I have finally figured “it” out. For the first time in my life, I feel as though I know who I am, what I want, and how I’m going to get it. I am truly happy from the inside out and have redirected my path in life to reflect the person I am, and want to be going forward. Big steps from the lost and confused girl who spent her life chasing other people’s dreams…

I recently read a quote by Leslie Bradshaw that I found very relatable. “In my 20’s I was thrashing around in the water, trying to keep my head above it. In my 30’s, I realized it was only three feet deep and I stood up.”. When I read this it more or less made me laugh because, for me, it feels beyond true. Without realizing it, I had spent my 20’s fighting with myself, lost and unaware. As a result, I would mould and conform to those around me and become what I thought people wanted me to be. I settled time and time again out of fear of being left behind and never understood why life wasn’t “working out”. I know I’m not even close to being fully immersed into my 30’s, and I’m sure there will be another incredible cycle of growth and personal evolution along the way, but I have also never felt more above water than ever before.

It’s easy to forget that most personal change doesn’t happen from one single static event in time, but rather as a long, dynamic accumulation of all of those moments that make up life. I look back at all the mistakes and lessons that have lead me to where I stand today and almost laugh while the thought of “what were you thinking?” comes to my mind. Alas, it is with a level of excitement, wonder, and new found security that I look forward to the next ten and all that they will bring.