Bone broth started making its appearance last winter, and now that the cold weather has come back full circle, this trend has only picked up steam. The health and wellness market is such a competitive space, so why did this product make the cut? Well, when done right, it’s damn delicious and packed with a whole hell of a lot of health benefits.

 The Benefits:

heals leaky gut | promotes healthy skin | improves joint health | decreases cellulite | promotes detoxing | lowers inflammation | reduces arthritis | supports bone health | boosts immunity | fights food intolerances | balances electrolytes | aids in muscle repair | improves brain health | increases energy levels | improves mood


Top Three Retailers In Toronto:

1.   Ripe Nutrition

Where do I even start. Both the broth and this brand are a force to be reckoned with. Founder, Alex Baird, has taken either her Chicken or Vegan Mushroom broth base and added her professional flavour profile and personal touch to the recipe by adding in things like Turmeric, Ginger, Pink Himalayan, Sea Salt, Spring Water, Pepper, Onions, Celery, Carrots, Apple Cider Vinegar. Add a half squeezed fresh lemon and this broth honest to god will change your life. Buyer Beware: You will become a repeat customer if you order this product.

Where to buy: Order online through her website  ships Canada wide.

You can also find her broth by the cup at local Toronto establishments such as:


Garden Gangsters


Quantum Coffee

Strange Love

Elxr Juice lab


Good Things

Annex Hotel


2.   Impact Kitchen

Real Food, nutrient rich & minimally processed. Impact Kitchen is Toronto’s emerging healthy hot spot offering the perfect hustle vibe with clean eats. Their bone broth has been a menu staple since day one and is as authentic as it comes. By adding ingredients like onions, lemon, carrots, ACV, and pepercornes, this broth will definitely warm you from the inside out.

Impact Kitchen has taken it one step further this season and opened up a pop up concept at Lululemon Queen St. which features their three unique broth + shot flavour profiles. They take their classic bone broth base and add either the Miso Ginger, Thai Curry, or Gold Mine flavour and blend. Such a unique take on an already delicious drink.

Where to Buy:

Impact Kitchen King East: 573 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 4L3

Impact Kitchen Brant & Adelaide: 444 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1S7

Impact Pop Up: Lululemon Queen St. 318 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A5

3.   Fuel +

Consider Fuel + the healthy smoothie and organic coffee king of Toronto. Also on their menu, an old school broth recipe from the owner’s grandmother. Now you know its going to be hella delicious when someone’s grandmother has been making it for decades. Their red date goji berry bone broth is the newest addition to their menu and arriving at the perfect time.

Where to buy:

Fuel + Village: 471 Church Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C5

Fuel + Canary: 469 Front St E, Toronto, ON, M5H 0H8

As always, you can find more local healthy hot spots (including the ones mentioned above) by downloading SweatCity App! #connectedbysweatcity