Light is life. We move, create, and live based on the light that lights up our day, and more importantly, our night. Have you ever taken the time to analyze how your light source is affecting your mood, your process, or even your workout? Have you ever notice what lengths your gym has gone to to create the perfect workout environment for you? Probably not. It’s funny how we can spend so much time focusing on what we look like, how much we can lift, or what we consume, but forget about the senses we use daily when considering our overall health and wellness profile.


Eyesight is a priceless gift that allows us to do so much with ease, especially in the gym and within sports. Fitness facilities have to take a unique approach to lighting in order to keep us focused and more importantly, safe. Fun fact, LED light bulbs are the top choice for fitness facilities and gyms as they provide high lumen output with minimal glare, essential when playing sports like basketball for example (1). If you catch glare, or can’t see, you’re obviously not going to preform to the best of your abilities. In fact, 67% of people agree that vision is key to  being successful in sports, yet less than half (47%), visit an eye doctor on a regular basis. Additionally, in terms of personal wellness, caring for your eyesight was only on 50% of people’s minds (2). Something to seriously think about… 


So, with that, I ask you, what do you do in your everyday life to help ease the daily strain you place on your eyes?


For me, it starts at home. I have recently changed all my bulbs to Philips LED Warm Glow bulbs with the dimmable feature. I actually don’t know how I lived without dimmers up until this point as they are the first adjustment I make when I turn my lights on. The soft, adaptable light that these warm glow bulbs provide is a game changer for my eyes, especially at night. It has been proven that consistent exposure to blue-light (think phone, tablet & computer screens, bright LED bulbs) into the late hours of the day, drastically impacts our health and our sleep (3).  


There’s no doubt we all spend too much time on screen, which is where my second adjustment is made. Every afternoon, each of my electronic devices is on a timer to automatically adjust to a more yellow based warm glow screen. This alters that blue light effect, and saves my eyes from the harmful effects that blue light screens can have.


Taking a good look at your full health & wellness profile, and analyzing your performance due to the effects of light, is something we should all be aware of in our everyday efforts of fitness and self-care. You’d be surprised how changing the way you light up your life, can ultimately change your destination, no matter what direction you’re travelling in.

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